Has your commodity association provided a program and training for implementation of an OFFSAP program? Have you taken advantage of this and have you got an OFFSAP Plan for your operation? Have you passed the audit? Have you or your staff participated in biosecurity training workshops or disease emergency simulation exercises?

These are questions about the minimal level of biosecurity that your facility should have. Implementing an OFFSAP program is a major step in putting a biosecurity program in place because these are recognized and auditable programs.

Your farm veterinarian or commodity specialist can help you in developing and establishing an effective biosecurity program that will supplement your operations animal health program. Training workshops will help you in understanding the principles of biosecurity and the development and implementation of a proper biosecurity program.

Using this Biosecurity Booklet will help you in understanding biosecurity basics, what components are needed for your commodity and some of the specific requirements for your production facilities. You also need to participate in Biosecurity Training Workshops that are provided under the Nova Scotia Biosecurity Implementation Program, part of Canada-Nova Scotia Bilateral Agreement under Growing Forward and take advantage of the biosecurity tools that this project provides. You and your operations staff also need to be an active part in your commodity’s Disease Emergency Planning and any of their disease simulation exercises.