Not all livestock and poultry commodities and operations are involved in an OFFSAP program, Disease Emergency Planning, Livestock/Poultry insurance program or under a customer’s product quality/safety standards that set minimum biosecurity and food safety requirements.

Federally, the CFIA has only put out national biosecurity guidelines for avian species. Other animal commodity’s biosecurity guidelines are in the works. It has been the devastating personal and financial cost to producers, the agricultural industry, the public and government of dealing with FADs like AI that has driven the federal government to address this health prevention issue and begin to set protocols that will eventually become standard practices for the animal industry. The livestock and poultry commodity groups need to be fully engaged with CFIA in the development of biosecurity protocols for their agricultural sector.

In short, you have to have a proper biosecurity program for your animal production operation.

Today is the day to start by just recognizing the need. The next step is to get the information required to develop and implement. This Biosecurity Booklet will be a great resource for you as you go through the steps in making biosecurity an important part of your operations animal health program.