Biosecurity is the security or protection of animal and plant resources from biological invasion, contamination and threats.

This biosecurity process is accomplished by the exclusion, eradication and reduction of biological risk factors like disease pathogens, pests and predators. These measures provide protection from introducing infectious pathogens, parasites and diseases to an operation, prevents undue stress factors on animals and keeps animals from falling prey to predators.

Infectious agents or disease pathogens are invisible to the eye except under a microscope. They can multiply exponentially very quickly to great numbers. They will cause great havoc to the animal if allowed to invade a premise. When established they will cause problems on your operation with increased mortality, poor performance and growth, poor production rate, reduced product quality, reduced food safety, reduced saleable product, increased production costs and reduced overall income.

Biosecurity is a preventive process against disease, minimizing the risk and frequency of disease.

Whether a disease pathogen, pest or predator; each has the same trait of being opportunistic, where if biosecurity is lax or missing they will take full advantage and cause your poultry or livestock great harm.

Biosecurity is not only about preventing the introduction of disease to a facility but also if disease is present, reducing or limiting the spread of the disease agent on and off the farm.