Biosecurity Protocol:  To prevent disease transmission from people.

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SBP 23 Biosecurity Protocols for Visitors and Service Personnel


Visitor 1Farm visitors are people that are not farm staff or family.  These include service personnel, off farm family members, neighbors, service crews (vaccinations), etc.

Farm visits are by appointment only!

When visiting a farm, take heed of biosecurity signage and obey them.  The farm enterprise is doing this for safety; not to be unfriendly.





Visitor 3When coming onto the farm site, the visitor must park their vehicle in the designated parking area.

Visitors are to report to the farm office and sign-in on the Visitor Log.

You may be denied entry onto a farm for the following reasons:
– if you have previously visited another poultry farm or mink ranch you should not be allowed entry to the farm site

– as a visitor if your vehicle or clothing are dirty or look contaminated, entry onto the farm site shoud not be allowed

– When disease is suspected on the farm site or on neighboring farms, NO visitors are to be allowed onto the farm site.



Visitor 4Visitors must be wearing clean clothing and personal hygiene should be followed, including using hand sanitizers when they are posted for your protection and the farms.








Visitor 8Some facilities may require visitors to shower prior to entering the farm site Controlled Access Zone (CAZ).









Visitor 6

Often times, farms will have on site a collection of boots in a multitude of sizes that may be worn by farm visitors.  These are to remain on site.








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Visitor 7Visitors are to put on biosecurity clothing in the Transition Area (TA) of the Controlled Access Zone.  This requires donning coveralls, farm boots or plastic booties, sanitized hands or gloves and donning a mask as well (if in dusty environments).

Visitors are to be accompanied by a farm staff member while on the farm site.

At each barn Transition Area (TA), the visitor is to put on a new pair of disposable boots before entering the barns.  These booties shall be removed on farm and placed in a sealed garbage container upon leaving each building.