Biosecurity Protocol:  To reduce potential introduction and spread of pathogens by traffic entering and leaving the farm and traffic flow on the farm.

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SBP 3 Traffic On & Off the Farm

Gate 1Vehicles and farm equipment coming onto the farm site can be controlled using farm gates at the farm entry level and at the Controlled Access Zone (CAZ).







Gate 2The farm gate entry should be lockable and kept closed and locked when no one is on farm.  This example shows an electronic unit which allows push-button options for opening, closing and then stopping the unit.  The functions of this unit may be disabled with the simple turn of the key, deeming the whole gate to be locked with absolutely no entry.






Traffic 1Biosecurity and No Entry signage must be present at the farm entry and CAZ gates.  Signage should include instructions to go to the farm office to sign in or to instruct not to enter; restricted access.







Traffic 2This example shows very clearly that the farm operation requires all visitors and service people to report to the office once on farm.








Traffic 9The farm laneway and yard are to be kept graded and clear of organic material at all times.

Vehicles and equipment coming onto the farm site must be clean and free of organic material as well.





Traffic 4Prior to this feed truck entering the farm site, the office manager onsite inspected the vehicle for cleanliness prior to entry.  It is imperative that equipment coming onto the farm site be clean and no organic matter be visible.  These inspections should be recorded on the SBF 2:  Vehicle and Equipment Inspection and Sanitation record.






Traffic 5Delivery vehicles must travel directly to their destination on farm but only after checking in with farm staff and most often, by appointment only.







A designated parking area is provided outside the CAZ for farm staff, service personnel and visitors to park their vehicles.


Drivers are to follow the farms biosecurity protocols at all times!

See the attached video to the right to watch the procedure that the feed truck followed when entering the farm site as it made its way toward the feed tanks.  The driver checked in with the office staff, never entered any buildings and he never strayed from his truck.




Traffic 7Delivery drivers must not enter any farm builidings.

**On egg or breeder farms, the egg pick-up drivers may enter a biosecure area of the egg cooler to load eggs.  A farm sanitation protocol will cover reducing any risks associated with this activity as per the SBP Shipping Product.






Traffic 8Drivers are to remain by or in their truck during the delivery.