There is a cost associated with biosecurity, but only if your facility does not have a biosecurity program in place. The un-recoupable losses in product and mortality from a disease outbreak would be devastating and unrecoverable for most farming operations. Operations that do not have proper biosecurity protocols in place have not implemented the very basics of animal care and animal health on their operation.

Biosecurity is not a cost; it is an investment that pays huge dividends.

Biosecurity is a process. The investment in a biosecurity program lies mostly in the training and implementing of biosecurity procedures. The initial time spent on learning the procedures and monitoring and doing them, will quickly just become part of what you do. Implementation is by doing until the protocols become part of daily staff work. Expenditures on gates, locks, paper and signage are minimal and normally associated with any animal production unit.

Consider the cost of your normal cleaning and disinfection (C&D) of animal production units. The C&D cost could be 10 times or more the normal cost after a disease outbreak. These numbers are based on recent years C&D of AI infected poultry farms in Canada. A proper biosecurity program in place today will pay great dividends over the coming years.

Biosecurity programs that are wrapped up in OFFSAP programs or Disease Emergency Response Plans or in Livestock/Poultry Insurance programs are audited programs and have become mandatory. It shows that investment in biosecurity is not only recognized at a producer level, but industry and stakeholders and our customers have taken this on as a serious step to ensure the long term viability and profitability of the whole animal industry.