Below is a list of Standard Biosecurity Protocols that outline the biosecurity standards that should be followed to have an effective biosecurity program.


SBP 01 Biosecure Farm Site Layout March 2013
SBP 02 Barn Layout March 2013
SBP 03 Traffic On and Off the Farm March 2013
SBP 04 Signage March 2013
SBP 05 Restricted Access March 2013
SBP 06 Staying Biosecure Away from the Farm March 2013
SBP 07 Tools and Equipment
SBP 08 Handling and Disposal of Mortalities
SBP 09 Handling Manure and Waste
SBP 10 All in All Out
SBP 11 Biosecure Waste Disposal with Composting
SBP 12 Potable Water
SBP 13 Cleaning and Disinfection
SBP 14 Disinfectants for Biosecurity Purposes
SBP 15 Pesticides for Biosecurity Purposes
SBP 16: Pest Control: Rodents
SBP 17: Pest Control: Birds
SBP 18: Pest Control: Flies
SBP 19: Pest Control: Other Insects
SBP 20: Pest Quarantines as a Biosecurity Measure
SBP 21: Biosecurity Clothing and Use
SBP 22: Personal Hygiene’s Part in Biosecurity
SBP 23: Biosecurity Protocols for Visitors and Service Personnel
SBP 24: Biosecurity Training
SBP 25: Using Vaccines in Biosecurity
SBP 26: Biosecurity in Farm Animal Health Management
SBP 27: Increased Biosecurity During a Disease Emergency
SBP 28: Farm Site Sanitation Stations
SBP 29: Identifying Potential Farm Site Cross Contamination Areas
SBP 30 Fencing
SBP 31 Livestock Market and Show Protocols
SBP 32 Pasture