Biosecurity Protocol:  To provide barriers to the farming operation for the prevention of disease.

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SBP 5 Restricted Access

In the video to the right you can view the proper protocols in the locking and unlocking of a doorway into a RAZ.  Take note that the door was unlocked to begin with and locked upon departure.






Watch the video to see the procedure of entry of a feed truck into a Restricted Area.  The truck driver had previously checked in at the office, went through the farm site sanitation station for thorough cleaning and then proceeded to the closed farm gate for entry.







Farm GateUse a farm entry gate at the end of the farm site laneway that can be closed and locked.  Keep this farm gate locked when no is present on the farm site.

Biosecurity and No Entry signage is to be used at all gates and doorways.







RARestricted Access signage is imperative to have posted at all laneways.  Signage may direct visitors to:  check in at the farm office, absolute no entry, permission required and no access beyond this point.








RA 1The best defense is a locked door!








There will be no confusion as to what message you are sending visitors and service personnel with locked doors and proper signage;biosecurity is in effect.


RA 3Barn entry and RAZ doors are to be kept closed at all times.  Barn entry doors are to be locked when staff is not present.

Picture Credit:  Vaillancourt, 2003






RA 4Restricted Access signage is available to producers by calling Toll Free, 1-866-606-4636.