Biosecurity Protocol:  To prevent disease transmission by birds.

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SBP 17 Pest Control: Birds


Bird 4Birds are natural carriers of disease and parasites.  They are opportunists like other pests and are considered filthy, garbage loving, disease ridden and disease transmitting.






Bird 2Birds seek shelter, food, roosting areas and nesting sites and the farm buildings can readily provide these.






Bird 7Keep barn doors closed and if open in warm weather, screen entry (1/4 inch mesh).  Openings under eaves for air entry for poultry in livestock barns must be screened.








Bird 1Only short term storage of manure and litter should be kept after clean-out.  This waste is to be removed off the farm site soon after.  Also, mortalities are to be stored in sealable containers until removed from the farm site.






Bird 5It is important to carry out a proper sanitation program in and around the animal facility.  Monitor for bird activity and record observations on the SBF 6:  Pest Control Chart.





Bird 10The use of roof peak and eave wires discourage roosting on farmsite buildings.