Biosecurity Protocol:  To prevent disease transmission from people movement.

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SBP 21 Biosecurity Clothing and Use


Farm staff clothing is to be comprised of:
– Pants
– Shirt
– Coveralls
– Hat
– Gloves
– Boots
– Face Mask
– Goggles



Blackberry Pics Sept 2011 760When going between barns, staff are to change into barn boots in the barn transition area (mud room) and sanitize hands prior to entering the Restricted Access Zone (RAZ).






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012Staff should each have a locker located in the CAZ transition area that they can hang their street clothes when changing into farm clothing.








CPicture6lean farm clothing and boots are to be made available to farm staff.  Some farms keep an inventory of boots on farm that are multiple sizes for visitors and barn staff.  These boots are to remain on farm.








Bio 2Visitors are to report to the farm site office where they will change into disposable biosecurity clothing prior to entering the CAZ.  If going between barns, they are to change boots at each barn.

When leaving the farm, visitors are to desposit the disposable biosecurity clothing into the sealable garbage container in the CAZ transition area (mud room as seen above).

The biosecurity suit shown in the picture to the right is a standard zip front coverall suit with hood.  Clean farm coveralls are a suitable subsitute as well.