Biosecurity Protocol:  To describe basic barn design to enable producers to provide their poultry and livestock biosecure housing.

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SBP 2 Barn Layout

Locked DoorFor any poutlry or livestock housing, restricting access to the animals is fundamental for biosecurity.  Biosecure housing should include:  lockable doors to any barn entry and Restricted Access Zone entry doors.

Biosecurity signage and ‘No Entry’ or ‘Do Not Enter’ signage should be posted by the access doors.

**For access to biosecurity signage for your farm operation please call; Toll free 1-866-606-4636.





BarnLayout2A biosecure Transition Area (TA) or anteroom is first choice in a new barn.  Also acceptable in an older style barn would be an add-on or a totally separate builidng where a Controlled Access Point (CAP) is located.







BarnLayout3The Transition Area (TA) should provide:
– a cement pad
– visitor log
– sanitation station for hand sanitation (sink or hand sanitizer)
– staff barn clothing (coveralls, boots, gloves, hats, masks,etc.)
– visitor disposable biosecurity clothing (coveralls, etc.)
– seal garbage container
– biosecurity signage
– sanitation supplies (detergent, disinfectant, paper towels, etc.)



BarnLayout4This area should be the designated area for the Visitor Log and other ‘Sign In’ sheets.  Note the ‘Attention’ memo in this space as well.  This is prime real estate for any enforcement statements from Farm Management.







BarnLayout5In regards to the state of the barn itself, the housing should be in overall good repair, doors should be kept closed at all times and seal properly when shut and feed and ventilation equipment are to be kept in good repair.

Another important feature would be to screen in all roof eaves to prevent pest entry and bird nesting.







Biosecurity Barn Layout DiagramThe diagram, ‘Biosecure Barn Layout’ gives an example of the basics of what is required for a biosecure barn design.  Use this as a template for new barn design.