Biosecurity Protocol:  To prevent disease transmission of disease from flock to flock.

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SBP 10 All In All Out


Watch the video to see the procedure that service personnel and farm staff take in loading of a flock for external delivery.  This is an excellent example of All In – All Out.  The driver nevers enters the barn, the truck is clearly clean and free of debris as are the units that the birds are being loaded into and the poultry are of one type and one age group.






All 1Practice all in and all out placement of poultry flocks.  When housing poultry, flocks should be of one type of poultry and of one age group.







All 2Hatchery Supply Records will confirm all poultry are of one type and one age group.  All pens should be housed at the same time and from the same source.  Keep Flock Performance records for each pen.







All 3Practice All Out poultry shipping; all birds in a flock should be shipped at the same time period.

When shipping, all the birds in the barn must be shipped at once.  Shipping slips can be used to determine if all birds were shipped at one time.






All 4All poultry cages, pens and barns on a farm site are emptied at one time.  Farm staff only need to change clothing at farm site Transition Area (TA).  Also, all poultry on the farm can be treated as one flock.







Farm site can be cleaned and disinfected properly to break the pathogen cycle when all birds are gone.