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Biosecurity Protocols

Standard Biosecurity Protocols that outline the biosecurity standards that should be followed to have an effective biosecurity program.

Standard Forms

Standard Biosecurity Forms that will help you document and demonstrate an effective biosecurity program.

Virtual Farm

Click here to enter the Virtual Farm and learn more about putting biosecurity prinicples and standards to use in your biosecurity program.

About Us

Biosecurity is key to the future health and prosperity of our individual farms and our animal industries. By addressing some key areas on your farm, you can greatly minimize the risk of exposing your animals to diseases, pests and predators. By minimizing your risks, you wil also be reducing the spread of disease to another farm – a win for you, and for the industry as a whole.

This site provides an overview of biosecurity principles, as well as:

  • standard operating protocols to help implement an effective program on your farm
  • forms to help you document your program
  • a Virtual Farm to demonstrate an effective program in words, pictures and videos

If you need further information on developing and implementing a practical, effective biosecure program on your farm, please contact us OR visit the Biosecurity Nova Scotia Blog

Funding for this website was provided through Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

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